Stories In The Shadows

Have you ever wondered

About stories untold

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The Biggest Jungle

Hunt or get hunted
That’s the motto of corporate world

You have to do beyond your best
Or else you will not survive Continue reading

On This Earth

Happy faces, blissful gardens
Blooming flowers, blue oceans

Whatever it is, it’s from here


On this earth
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Not Just Feet They Are

For rest of the world, these are just feet of two persons.


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Mask On, Mask Off

Will my sins hide away?
When I put a mask over my face Continue reading

Up For A Challenge?

Kathleen Duncan is planning to hold a month long challenge on her blog this June. What is unique about this challenge: there is no fixed theme.

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For Daily Post’s Abstract:


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Is Fake Real?

It is true!
I’m not joking

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It’s Dinnertime!

Dinnertime is special for everyone. It is one meal of the day when entire family sits together and enjoys a lovely meal with conversation. My dinnertime is also special for me and I look forward to it every night.

Let me show you some highlights:

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Pack Up!

Where is my suitcase?
I’m unable to find it

I have to go on a journey
To a land faraway Continue reading