Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday – 69

There’s something inside of us!

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Wordless Wednesday – Rainbow Dreams


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Fun Foto Challenge – Rainbow

I want to see more!

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Our Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World is the only song, in my opinion, capable of describing in simplest of words what our planet is really all about.

And since we are celebrating Earth Day today, so I got this idea of showing you pictures I have taken, using the lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s classic number.

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All It Takes Is One Person To Make A Difference

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When a train full of strangers sings a song……

Mix Plate #11

And here it is folks!

Another Friday!!

48 hours in our hands to relax our minds, enjoy time with family and doing our best to fix all the things that needed to be fix. [by this I only means kitchen sinks, table lamps, garage doors, lawn chairs, etc. If anything else is in need of fixing, please don’t wait. Go ahead and fix it. Put a smile on everyone’s face 🙂 ]

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

Your ultimate guide towards the awesomeness of the average-ness
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Guest Post: The Icelandic South Coast


Iceland is one of the most physically flawless places you will ever visit. Around every corner is another waterfall, geothermal phenomenon, lava field, volcano and geological marvel just waiting to be explored.

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