Weekend Sky #93 – March 25th

Shield’s up!

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FOTD Saturday – April 30th

Time to wake up!

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Cellpic Sunday – Ready For Iftar

Bon appetite!

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Weekend Sky #61 – April 9th

The whole of holiness!

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The Lesson Of 30 Days

There’s a lot we learn everyday.

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One Little Bucket

It all starts with a drop!

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Post I Like : As the Sun Goes Down

To find out that someone is taking Fast in Ramadan, despite being a non-Muslim, is as much as surprising for me as it can be for you.

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Desi Dining In Ramadan

A friend of mine, who lives in Islamabad, has made a habit of enjoying a meal once every Ramadan in Kartarpura, a food street of Rawalpindi.

Dating back to the pre-partition era of 1940s, this place is known for its exotic local, aka desi, delicacies and varieties.


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Irresistible Chutney

Chutney is an essential item on a Pakistani dining table. Be it a lunch, dinner or an evening snack meal, chutney will give your food an extra edge of spiciness and taste, making your ordinary food into something really special.

image courtesy of DAWN

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A Very Different Summer

Sun is furious here. Very, very furious.

Summer breeze isn’t around anymore.

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