Daily Prompt #1946 – My Reader’s Digest Collection

Do you have any collections?

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Re-posting – Our Life In A Home

We build up our lives too
Just like our homes

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Re-posting: He and She – In Park

Meeting that One person for which heart immediately falls for sounds so romantic.

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Post I Like: City Libraries – Sehba Akhtar Library

Sad I’m over the slow demise of mental stability!

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Post I Like: City Libraries – Taimuria Library

A five minute drive from my home in North Nazimabad takes you a library, which is filled with books but sadly not with people.

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Post I Liked: A Book Bazaar On Wheels

What books are to mind is what food and water to body.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters A or B

These days, I’m getting a unique understanding about the importance of letters in one’s life.

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Looking For Fantasy And Science Fiction Books?

Check out these Fantasy and Science Fiction books on Jason’s website, along with many other titles from variety of genres. Continue reading

Looking For Book Promotion??

Jason C. Cushman is providing a great book promotion feature on his website. So, if you have written a book and in need of some great promotion, Jason is your guy.

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Karachi International Book Fair 2015 Part 2

It’s time once again folks to enjoy the amazing book fair I attended 2 weeks ago. Like I said in the previous episode (click here to read about it), it was a great experience and I loved it very much.


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