One Word Sunday – Sort Of A Bright Night

We like to brighten up our surroundings!

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Floral Friday – Feb 7th

What about differences?

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Fun Foto Challenge – These Old Cars

Once upon a time, they were in demand!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Such Are Blocks

One atop of another, they do build up something!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Alone

Being alone is beneficial in so many ways.

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Mother And Child, A Bond By Nature

What can I say about mother?

Honestly speaking, no matter how much I write here or say it verbally will ever be equivalent to what mine or even your mother has done for us.

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What’s After “THE BREAKUP”?

Breakups are hard, really hard. Little arguments about matters of negligible scale turns into colossal force of destruction in no time and by the time storm is over, so much is lost.

image via The Science Explorer

And thus begins the time of constant suffering and pain, where nothing seems right and the world seems so hostile. Is this okay?

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Daily Kind Quote – August 16

What is love?

So many answers are out there for this question. I’m glad that I read this simple but powerful one today by Erika Kind.

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Friday Quote – July 22

Quote for Friday, July 22, 2016

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Many things breakup in life.

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