FOTD Monday – Sep 14th

Spreading out!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Stare Into Magic

Can I borrow few moments of your today?

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Wonderful Water

Water is so wonderful!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Have A Seat!

Please, take your seat and relax!

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Prisma Tuesday – Jan 3rd

Sit and relax!

For mere few moments as life drags you back to the arena, where glittering is not what it seems and festivity is hiding something unknown.

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Relax My Son

My son!

You are young

Enjoying life’s earliest

For you, playing is everything


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Wait For It

A tree doesn’t grow in an instant

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Post I Like: Relaxing Music

Feeling tired? Mind begging you to stop thinking and just close your eyes?

Then do so without wasting a moment because a rest to refresh ourselves is the best what we can give to not only our body, but also to our souls.
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My Old Rocking Chair

This is my old rocking chair. My mom bought it back in the late 90’s as she wanted to have one for quite sometime. My mom loved to sit on it every night after dinner, to relax up herself after a busy day.


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Mind Concert

How many times you have suffered from this: a song or jingle of a TV ad or serial got stuck in your head and it just won’t leave, no matter what you do?

Mind Music

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