Nature’s Destructiveness

Embracing each other

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WWE Wednesday – An Old Boat On Calm River

This one caught my attention completely!

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WWE Monday – Sep 7th

Dreaming a little dream!

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Photo For The Week Challenge – Shapes Of Water

The simplest of all is a wonder on its own!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stones

Stones are hard objects but sometimes, they do show their soft side.

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Friday Quote – Sep 9

Friday quote for Sep 9, 2016

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Pakistan’s Blue Gem: Neelum Valley

I posted about Neelum Valley on my blog few months ago (click here to read it). That post gives you a general idea about the valley and more.

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Jumping Crocodiles in Darwin

Great Scott!!

Getting up-close with a crocodile in the wild is definitely not easy to swallow. But if you are in Australia, then it’s a must see.

Ellen spent a day at Adelaide River with her Dad as both of them enjoyed a quality time with some pretty big crocodiles.

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Chenab: Pakistan’s River Of Love

A river creates so many stories while flowing from one place to another and helps in shaping lives of everyone in its path. It flourishes vast lands of crops and provide the basic necessity of life to everyone. Any river in the world holds a very special place in those hearts which it helps beating.

The Indus River of Pakistan comprises of several tributaries. Out of those tributaries, one such river is Chenab (which means moon water).

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