Weekend Sky #01 – Oct 10th

Presenting my very own photography challenge!

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Fun Foto Challenge – What About Cars

What it is about a set of 4 wheels, a gasoline engine and wide open roads?

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Some Old Clouds

These are some old clouds

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Two Roads

Smooth vs rough

Easy vs hard

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B&W Photo Challenge – Vanishing Highs

Not for weak hearts!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Wheeled Isolation

A different take this is!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Traveled Paths

How will I know

About what lies ahead

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Windows To The Unknown

An opening to worlds,
Unknown and unseen,
Is furnished by windows!

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Which Way Challenge – Peaceful

One the first things that grabbed my attention, during my recent visit to Dubai, was the multi-lane roads and how smoothly traffic flows on them. Continue reading

Beauty In Dryness

Vicky is attending Blogging Photo 101 these days and with each assignment, her skills are getting better and better.

Check these landscape pictures she took where only sands and flat roads reign.

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