Cellpic Sunday – Let Them Drop

As they are nothing but life!

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Round And Round

Going around in circles

Either walking or running

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One Word Sunday – A Round Of Green

A circle of creativity!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Reaching The Top

Step right up!

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Rounding The Patterns

Easy to say, hard to accomplish!

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Monday’s Odd Ball – Round And Round

Spinning in circle our world is and so are our lives!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Stairs, Steps, Ladders

Participating in second photo challenge for today because I haven’t done so for quite sometime (one full month that is).

Stairs, steps, ladders are the topic this time for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Stairs, Steps, Ladders

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Round Up Black And White

In response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles

I originally captured this in color and for this challenge, I used my phone’s editing feature for black & white.
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Up or Down

Going up means you will find success
But not without facing hard times

Going down means you have to start over
Think what you did wrong and don’t repeat it

stairs down