Mix Plate #12

Back after a week with another round!

I thought about doing this earlier than today but got very stuck in other work, so this went down the line. But not anymore!

mix plate

It’s Friday and we are entering another weekend. So enjoy today’s specials before you shout out “Ya, The Weekend!”

How to pack for a long trip
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Post I Like: Sacramento Train Museum

Ever since the first steam engine whistled and rolled off on a track back in 1700s, trains have changed the world as we know it.

Travelling to far lands and seeing the unseen for the first time was not a dream anymore, thanks to the giant mechanical wonder of steam and iron.

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Guest Post: My Lake Tahoe is Your Lake Tahoe

BULLDOG TRAVELS shows you great ways to enjoy summer at Lake Tahoe

My Lake Tahoe is Your Lake Tahoe.

image courtesy of https://bulldogtravels.wordpress.com