Whatsoever Is Lovely – Fun In Snacks

Some fun goodies!

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Silent Sunday – Sandwiched

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Wordless Wednesday – Mouthful


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Friday Fun – Sandwiched Layers

Can I tease up your taste buds today?

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Smoked Salmon & Egg Salad Open-Faced Sandwich

A simple but perfect home made lunch with not so many ingredients works wonders sometimes.

And if you love salmon, then this sandwich is just the right meal for you. Made from not to many ingredients but still packing enough to power you up in no time.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Topic of Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 2 is Fresh.

Having fresh diet during weekdays is very essential for all those 9 to 5 people. Since I belong to that group, so I have a very special person in my life who keeps my diet healthy and fresh. Continue reading

Ice Cream Sandwich Bites

A cool, delicious delight from Helen Fern in bite size.

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