Fun Foto Challenge – Legged Creatures

An unseen trust between two different species.

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Clipper Diaries – Episode 1

Wanna ride with me?

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Waves And Beaches Of Pakistan

The coastline of Pakistan is as mesmerizing as the landscape.

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Seaview – Take A look In The Kaleidoscope

This summer, citizens of Karachi welcomed monsoon showers with wide open arms. You would have done the same if you had been living in Karachi for past three years without monsoon rain. Dark and heavy clouds showed up every time but they didn’t unloaded themselves up.

image courtesy of The Karachi Walla

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The Quiet Sea View III

These days, Karachi’s Arabian Sea is bit angry because of mid summer season. High tides have impale a ban on visiting the beach and this is just so great for a baked up Karachi citizens.


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The Quiet Sea View II

Spend some quiet, peaceful time today on Sea View beach, Karachi.

Many thanks to my friend Zia for capturing these.


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Beach Half-Light

My Uncle’s family lives in Chicago and when they arrived to attend my sister’s wedding back in 2014, our whole family planned so many activities. One of them was to visit Sea View, Karachi’s beach.

So few days after the wedding, our whole family went to Sea View. We had a great time as first, we enjoyed a hi-tea extravaganza at a nearby cafe. After that, we hit the beach. My Uncle’s kids were very much excited as they love beach side so much.

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The Quiet Sea View

During the peak summer season, Karachi’s Clifton beach (also known as Sea View) normally gets completely crowded during the weekend and public holidays. Finding a peaceful spot over there is hard during those days and those wanting to beat the summer heat on beach may have to just enjoy the cool winds, without getting their feet wet.

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