Re-blog: Touring Pakistan

During my first year of blogging (I created my blog in February 2015), I didn’t engaged up much with fellow bloggers, though I kept in touch with the ones I followed.

This changed in November 2015 probably when I started to receive views, likes and comments on every single post of mine by Camille de Fleurville, a blogger from Dordogne, France. Camille not only encouraged me about what I posted back then through her comments, she also provided valuable suggestions towards my blogging skills. As time moved on, she became my very first blogging friend.

The reason Camille started to follow my blog, as she told me about it one day, was really fascinating. Since I’m from Pakistan, she shared a memory from her childhood with me about meeting a Pakistani painter and sculpture in Paris. A particular painting of that artist filled little Camille’s heart and soul with a joy she didn’t experienced before. After finding out that I’m a newbie blogger from Pakistan, she pitched an idea. A little series of Touring Pakistan guest posts on her blog in which I would introduce to her my country Pakistan and its way of life and people to her followers on not on WordPress but also on other social media platforms.

You can read out the introductory post of that series below and I will share rest of the episodes in coming days.

For The Daily Post’s Tour Guide

Sketches and Vignettes from la Dordogne

We shall leave the Dordogne from time to time this year, and tour Pakistan – and perhaps other countries as well. But let us start with Pakistan.

“Why?”, will you say.

There is the opportunity, of course. I met a fellow blogger, Hammad Rais, in blogging during the Advent Calendar time, and he posted photos he took or that family, friends, and acquaintances took, of his country. The photos were beautiful and some breath-taking. At the same time, Hammad Rais has a keen sense of humour and made me laugh sometimes with a post and one line under an illustration. I “liked”, commented. He answered. He “liked”, commented my posts. I answered. And I thought it would be a good thing to open the windows of The House in the Dordogne and to let some fresh air come in. Therefore I invited him to post on my blog. And here…

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Touring Pakistan – Meet The Guide

Yesterday, I posted about working on a Touring Pakistan blogging series in collaboration with a fellow blogger, Camille de Fleurville. This is my very first blogging collaboration with a fellow blogger and I’m very much excited about it. I assure you that it will be fun all the way as I show the true beauty Pakistan holds.

Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi


Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore

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Touring Pakistan – A Collaboration

The name of my country Pakistan sure rings a bell in many minds. Shrouded in darkness of terrorism, radicalization, conservatives, Pakistan is not just about all this. The world see Pakistan as a land where extremism flourishes and liberal thinking is bounded at every possible corner.

Map of pakistan

To be honest with you, this is not the complete picture. Sure, as I admit, some of this is true on certain levels but still not the complete picture. Then what is the complete picture of Pakistan, you may ask? Continue reading

Guest Post: A Brief Intro To Berlin

It’s a real unique experience when two bloggers join their hands to do a blogging series on a city they both love.

ALLYSSE RIORDAN of BESTE GLATISANT and Marysmirror of BRIGHTPIGMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY recently joined hands together to have the most unique, or as I would like to call it, an out-of-this world tour of Berlin.

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