It’s Party Time – My 8th Blogiversary

Today’s the day!

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One For You, One For Me

Which one would you like?

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Reposting – From One Point To Another

What begins at a point

Will surely ends at another

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Post I Like – Wednesday Wisdom

A set of 5 amazing motivational quotes for today by Philosophy Via Photography

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Post I Like: Rule Number 6

Rules are certainly life savers!

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Have You Ever Shared Your Lunch With Crows?


What you are about to read is last night’s conversation between me, Jia (my wife) and Uzair (my son):

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My Year Two

Human mind, such a wonder it is. Capable of performing unimaginable feats in countless ways. Can store lifetime of memories yet can’t recall the most important ones when mostly needed. Especially when an individual’s mind is locked on tasks placed upon his shoulders and back by his manager.

That particular individual is Me!

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Thank You For 1000

Thank you for hearing me out!

Thank you for inviting me into your world!


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A Vibrant Life

Yesterday’s Vibrant photo challenge prompt by The Daily Post is surely coloring the blogging world

Here’s another picture from my archive:


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My 101

Enjoying a company of great friends is something really special. Laughing together, sharing jokes, making fun, doing things together and so much more.

Whether you have friends since kindergarten or you just made one today, a true friend is indeed precious and fills up your life with happiness and joy.

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