Lens-Artists Challenge – Surrounded By Simplicity

Honestly speaking, I don’t mind it at all!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Farm Objects

Few things stay around for long!

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One Word Sunday – Just Simple

Like a straight line

Oh, how much I want

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Softness Is Not Okay Every Time

Yes, some may have to suffer a lot for being soft!

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Re-blog: Ten ETs*

Do you need the most simplest and down to Earth list of Do’s and Don’ts for succeeding in life?

Then here’s a little Friday gift for you!

Courtesy of Karina Pinella, this list is as simple as you can think but as I believe, and I’m sure you also, words do weigh more than anything else we know.

Many thanks to Karina for sharing this amazing set of gems 🙂

Karina Pinella

*Empowering Tenets

Image: Pixabay

  1. Choose to appreciate over being an ingrate
  2. Avoid being a fool wherever you rule
  3. Give while you live
  4. Listen without condition
  5. Aspire to inspire
  6. Leave lots of latitude when encountering attitude
  7. Strive to thrive
  8. Choose to recycle before using a waste receptacle
  9. Provide no resistance to those needing assistance
  10. Only be a quitter when holding on to the bitter

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Superb Matar Qeema

Across Pakistan, Qeema is the most popular form of minced meat dish. It is very easy to cook and can be infused up variety of ingredients, according to one’s needs.

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Daily Kind Quote – August 16

What is love?

So many answers are out there for this question. I’m glad that I read this simple but powerful one today by Erika Kind.

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Spaghetti With Vegetables

A simple, vegetables only spaghetti recipe by Dish Dessert.

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Gluten-free Linguine Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

A simple gluten-free meal featuring linguine pasta and cherry tomatoes.

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3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

Probably the most simplest brownie recipe you can find, this amazing delight can slay down any other so-called champs of desserts.

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