Clouds Of Yesteryear

They filled the sky above me

In the most amazing way

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Photo For The Week Challenge – A Spectacle Love

I looked through love once!

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FOTD Monday – Sep 9th

I would prefer to stay

Where peace reigns

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Seek Upon

What heart calls for

What mind desires about

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A Photo A Week Challenge – An Evening’s View

What begun earlier

Will reach an end

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Along The Way

I don’t know

What lies ahead

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Colorless Days

For such colorless days

When joys and hopes

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FOTD Monday – Feb 4th

Give this a look for few moments.

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One Word Sunday – A Different Earth


Right now

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Re-blog: Enjoy Life!

Simple, short but an amazing set of thoughts by Kate about something we all known as Life!

Do read it out 🙂


when life seems to cause the blues

brighten yourself up with many hues

find something to make you laugh

then laugh and laugh until you baff

wear something sexy or cheerful

ardently avoid the grey and tearful

dance away to your favourite tune

muck about, play the buffoon

life is far too short

so don’t get caught

wasting it in an unfitting mood

make fun, be a real playful dude!

dedicated to Nat a lovely young lady who passed this week, cancer took her too soon!

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