Daily Prompt #1862 – That One Goodbye

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

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A Smile To Tempt Hungry Bellies

Now, who would say no to this!

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Just What If

There are moments

On almost daily basis

When I can’t stop myself

From thinking over

The long list of what if’s

From the days gone by


But they all are like rain drops

Falling from the sky

And hitting the ground below

Can’t stop them from falling

But only to embrace them

With a smile on my face

For RDP Sunday – Poigant


If We Could Have Met, Like For Real

Wouldn’t that be Something!

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Smiles For Today

Because we all need to!

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Gracious Strangers

Some gracious ones

In life’s journey

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FOTD Thursday – April 1st

Thousands of stories to tell

How many will you listen to

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Post I Like – Don’t Rush When You Brush!

Okay, sharing this informative post by Philosophy Via Photography because it features some helpful tips for dental hygiene and care.

Because our smiles are the first gesture to greet the world with love 😁

Do you know why you are looking pleasing? Yes, my friend. You are looking sweet and charming and beautiful!. My guess is this is because of your smile and the confidence you exude in smiling naturally and this gift of yours, unfortunately, lacking in many of our friends, not because God didn’t bless them with, […]

Don’t rush when you brush!

Clouds Of Yesteryear

They filled the sky above me

In the most amazing way

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Photo For The Week Challenge – A Spectacle Love

I looked through love once!

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