Answering A Hunger’s Call

Once upon a late night hour

My heart desire for a savour

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Bring On The Biryani

Okay, this is a post for food lovers!

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Pakistani Style Chicken Samosas

A plate of crisp, hot fried samosas with a cup of tea is definitely the favorite teatime snack in Karachi. Samosa is very popular here and they are available in many varieties. You can fill it up with spiced potatoes, lentils, onions, peas, macaroni, noodles or minced meat.


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Spring Rolls

Rolling up spring might not be possible for us but at least we can enjoy some spring rolls. They are easy to prepare and more importantly, you can enjoy a dose of one healthy, diversified meal in one go. Continue reading

A Perfect Snack For King Kong

As soon as I saw this product on a store shelf few days ago, my mind pictured about King Kong.

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Two Roadside Winter Snacks Of Karachi

Arrival of winter brings warm clothes, hot beverages, long night chats in front of fireplace and all other things you can imagine to keep your blood stream running smoothly during those chilly days and frosting nights.

Winter also bring seasonal foods with it, which are delight for everyone. Among such are Sweet Potatoes and Corn Kernel.

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Black And White Goodies

In response to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Food and Beverage

Here are my entries for this challenge.


I took this one at a wedding ceremony before dinner was served.

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