Wordless Wednesday – A Winter Road


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B&W Photo Challenge – Borrowed Chill

I borrowed the chill!

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A Winter Treat From Pakistan

A little treat from the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

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A Festival Of Fire And Ice

Arrival of winter season bring heavy snowfalls in Northern areas of Pakistan. With mercury dropping way down below, traveling to those areas becomes a bone chilling challenge for an outsider.

But for the locals, winter is the time when they celebrate and look forward towards the arrival of a new year through festive rituals.

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Goodbye Murree!

Saying goodbye to someone we love is definitely not easy. Some real nerves are needed to handle the amount of tears we shed when such departure took place.

Obviously, you can relate the same feeling with a place you had just visited. As you have guessed it from the title, I’m talking about Murree again!

Zia's Trip (44)

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Snow After 10

Margalla Hills in Islamabad received snowfall today after 10 years. In fact, most of the northern area of Pakistan is receiving snowfall.

A friend of mine lives in Islamabad and he shared these pictures of snowfall on Margalla Hills.


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Coconuts Ahoy

November is upon us and some of you folks might be enjoying snow right now. For the next 3-4 months, whiteness will cover up your homes, your driveway, your offices and probably your life. Continue reading

The Absence Of Many Days

15 days to be exact. I didn’t logged in on my WordPress account at all. Reasons are many (Ramazan, office work, bit of laziness, Uzair, etc). blank-calendar-vector-670336 Continue reading