A Fan Of Nightly Greens

Few nightly captures from my old camera!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Gap

Gap is good in so many ways and for this week’s photo challenge by Hugh, I’m showing you some gaps. Please don’t mind 🙂


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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Calm

We all look for calm and peace in our lives. Sometimes we strive so hard to gain few moments of freedom from daily routine. I also look forward to such moments and these pictures of mine provide me a gateway.

A gateway to calm up myself! This is my entry for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm

blue stairs

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One Colorful Love

For this week Daily Post’s photo challenges One Love, I’m sharing my some colorful snaps from my collection. How they relate to One Love? Well, if you picture a giant with all those uncountable leaves and branches, you will know that One Love is just like that.


Few playing blocks from my nephew’s collection

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Itsy Bitsy Spiders II

I miss these two spiders! Ever since autumn season started in Karachi and then winter, they are not weaving webs on my neighbor’s hedge anymore. That’s because of hibernation.

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Hello, Green Devil!

Few days ago, I shared a creepy picture on my blog. A picture I took of full moon one night when a creepy tree trapped it. You can view that picture if you want to (click here to see it) but let me warn you, it’s scary!! Continue reading

Over To You, Green

Just love the view of these green hedge leaves at night.

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6 Corners of White





An Early Man

In reply to The Daily Post’s Because the Night

Good morning from a person who woke up at 4:30 am to do some work. How is everybody doing?

And here is a sunrise!!


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