Lens-Artists Challenge – Quiet All The Way

I like to stay quiet!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Lining Up

It may sound easy but honestly, it is not!

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Lens-Artist Challenge – Strictly Architectural

Keep building them!

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Wordless Wednesday – Itsy Bitsy Night


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A Photo A Week Challenge – Nature’s Delicacy

They may break apart, even by our deep gazing!

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The Last Round – Part 1

And so, it was meant to be!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Natural Patterns

Look around and what do you see?

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B&W Photo Challenge – Small Subjects

Spiders are really itsy-bitsy here and this is such a big relief.

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A Picture Not So Good

As per photographic standards, this image is not right. The color of spider has whitened up by camera flash and this doesn’t look good at all.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Distance

Here are my entries for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 26 – Distance


So far, yet seem so close! How beautiful these clouds are looking

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