Wordless Wednesday – A Moment On Stairs


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A Story About Old Stairs

A look at the old stairs I climb everyday.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Gubara

Fill it up with not just air, but with fun and joy too!

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Home Sweet Texture

They say home is where the heart is. How about I add up texture into this?

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Fun Foto Challenge – All One Color

These stairs in my home were built back in the late 70s by my late grandfather. Made up entirely of thick powdered mosaic, their greyish color is still spotless and is so easy to clean.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters S & T

For this week’s Black and White Photo Challenge by Cee Neuner, letters S and T is the topic.

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What Are You After?

What we all want the most?

For everyday to be brighter than the previous


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