Post I Like – Saved By An Angel

Short but wonderful story from Yinglan.

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Post I Like – Shoes Tell Stories Too

What if your shoes could talk?

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Post I Like – She Made Cup Cakes, I Made Tea Cakes

A wonderful read for Friday, courtesy of Di!

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WDYS #175 – Old Enough


“Yeah, Jimmy.”

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WDYS # 168 – In The Middle Of Left And Right

“So, what do you guys think about it?”

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Post I Like – Rose And The Insects

Brian is telling an interesting story about some insects on a rose.

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Same Old

Have to say something

But not sure how

Same old story with me

Re-posting – A Star’s Story

Few stars twinkle at night
So distant they are from me

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Lived Better Days

What once was in its prime

Is now losing the grip of time

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The Droplets Bright

Small but mighty!

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