CFFC Wednesday – As Straight As A Line

Think about just one!

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October Squaring – Going Linear

What else is straighter?

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Wordless Wednesday – Not So Linear


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FOTD Monday – Sep 14th

Spreading out!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – Straightness

In a perfectly beautiful order!

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One Word Sunday – Line O’ Line

Following is my entry for Debbie Symth’s One Word Sunday Lines photo challenge.

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As Straight As It Can Be

Like a simple line, who wouldn’t want their life to be like a one.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Lines And Angles

One straight line, countless possibilities!

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Prisma Tuesday – Dec 27th

My life is a straight line, starting from a point and ending at one. Continue reading

Not Straight Up

Five trees I saw couple of days ago which aren’t straight. They are like bending together in unison. It is common for trees to grow like this. I mean they don’t ask our permission for growing straight or not. Continue reading