Some Are So Strange

Is it strange or what

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A Ladder To Get Back To You

In such times of trouble

Another one popped

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One Word Sunday – You Are Not Ugly

Hello there!

Do you have a minute?

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Floral Friday – Dec 6th

Pausing for a moment

And looking back

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Pointing Out

man wearing a suit jacket and stripe necktie
Photo by Lukas on

Imperfect we all are

In one way or another

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The Best Moment Of Weekend

The best moment of a weekend happens before weekend actually begins.

This is what I feel!

Weekend Just Ahead Green Road Sign, Business Concept
image courtesy of

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Prisma Tuesday – May 2nd

Empty chairs across the table
They weren’t such, not so long ago

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Something New

I haven’t heard
Sounds of lands afar

Whispering of air
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Post I Like: The Funeral Rituals of Tana Toraja

The world we live in is very strange. I may seem strange to you, if we ever meet in person, and you may think the same about me. But it’s not just about 2 person. In many parts of the world, the local customs of entire towns or cities will drop your jaw on the floor.

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Taher Shah Strikes Back!

Honestly speaking, I didn’t wanted to talk about this in the first place. But then I changed my mind.

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