Wordless Wednesday – A Glory’s End


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A Latest One

Here is a snap I just took few minutes ago from the roof.

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The One Who Shines The Most

It’s the biggest, most brightest of them all!

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Which Way Challenge – June 22nd

As the sun decides to go down, so does the humans. Nothing makes us more pleasing than heading back to our homes for relaxation and comfort.

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Post I Like : As the Sun Goes Down

To find out that someone is taking Fast in Ramadan, despite being a non-Muslim, is as much as surprising for me as it can be for you.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Golden Hour

Month of Ramadan is here, which means changes in daily schedules and routines. But hopefully, I will try to stay as active as I can on my blog.

Here is my entry for Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Golden Hour

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