Friendly Friday Challenge – Up And Close

A little closer please!

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Bring On The Biryani

Okay, this is a post for food lovers!

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Away From Usual

The road seems never ending

When long stretches of time

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Lens-Artist Challenge – Found In Nature

What can we find in nature?

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Fun Foto Challenge – Close To Fresh

Want to look at the freshness?

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Delicious

A meal’s deliciousness reaches new heights if the dining area is as scenic as a beautiful dream.

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Those Who Eat All

Just keep on eating

Don’t stop the feeding

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Friday Quote – Nov 11th

Ever thought about this?

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14 Strange Pizza Toppings

The world loves pizza and no one can deny it. A freshly baked, hot pizza can sure raise the appetite within no time but this is not the only reason people love pizza.

image courtesy of Pixabay

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The Taste Of Pleasure

What is the taste of pleasure?

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