Water Water Everywhere – A Little Splash

I went experimental!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Close To Sunny Side

You can still enjoy it!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Experiments In Framing

Enclosing the views from everyday!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Going Blur

Clear they may not be!

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A Clumsy Morning Shade

How clumsy of me!

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Floral Friday – Aug 3rd

One can snap, in the blink of an eye!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Circle

Balancing is the key.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Off-Center

A little to the left, please!

No no, make it right!

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Playing With HDR

I got a new phone on the very first day of 2016! Cool way to start a new year, right?

Its Motorola Droid Ultra and I love it. Among many regular features, there is one I liked the most: HDR capability! Continue reading

Smart Parenting: There is no APP for it

How much “smart” the world has become? The answer lies in your perception of “smartness”. If you consider yourself a smart person, then you must have that extra spark in you which you can ignite whenever you need it. But on the other hand, the very split second you have finished reading my question, picture of your “smart gadget” flashed in your mind, then this post is for you, my friend.

Smart Gadgets

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