Floral Friday – Dec 9th

Many things aren’t the same they once used to be.

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Floral Friday – Nov 4th

Few steps in life are very vital.

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Just Within

Time to step out from within

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Weekend Sky #73 – Sep 17th

Time will pass

Wounds will heal

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Re-posting – Empty Chairs

Empty chairs across the table
They weren’t such, not so long ago

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FOTD Tuesday – July 19th

Time holds for no one

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Time Consuming

When a new dawn breaks

Mind wonders about

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Burning Time, Fuel, Patience And More

It is bound to happen!

Heading back home and getting locked up in a traffic jam is a big non-pleaser.

Such much burns over when this happens.


And like all other drivers out there, I also hate this very much.

For Debbie Symth’s Six Word Saturday

Not Much Is Left For Us

Our time is over!

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday

Some moments, long or short, from our past stays with us, for as long as we live.

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