Re-posting – A Dream

Those who are far today
They step in memories often

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My Olds In World’s New


The state of my mind

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Me And My Choices

Over the course of my life

I may have chosen wrongfully

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For The Whole World

If all my pockets had stayed full

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Steps For The Top

Standing at the top

While viewing a day’s end

Mind and heart finally sync up

Not because of the day’s end

But to wonder about tomorrow

Over the steps of today

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FOTD Monday – Feb 24th

I look at my flaws

Which makes me wonder

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Once Upon A Rise

I wondered about

What lies ahead

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Friendly Friday Challenge – A New Day

A sunrise means a lot!

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What’s Next?

architecture black and white challenge chance
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Here I’m

In the midst

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From First Till Last

What to receive

From a new day

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