Desi Dining In Ramadan

A friend of mine, who lives in Islamabad, has made a habit of enjoying a meal once every Ramadan in Kartarpura, a food street of Rawalpindi.

Dating back to the pre-partition era of 1940s, this place is known for its exotic local, aka desi, delicacies and varieties.


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Few Clicks From Grand Canyon

Today I managed to grab some free time and decided to stopped by at Reymon De Real’s blog. I once again fell in love with his photography, including clicks from his recent trip to Grand Canyon, Arizona.

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A Filipino Turns Pakistani

Seeing is believing. With this in mind, Wallei Bautista Trinidad, a Dubai-based Filipino footwear professional, decided to follow his heart and spent 3 magical weeks in Pakistan.

Despite hearing all the warnings about Pakistan from his family and friends, Wallei did something against their wish and landed in Pakistan.

image courtesy of Jovago

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The Mystery of Pir Patho

A centuries tower on a hillock of district Thatta, Sindh (located 100 km east of the Karachi) was recently restored back to it formal glory. But what interested me the most were the mysterious legends behind the construction of the tower, many centuries earlier.

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Trip To Jaw Dropping COMO Point Yamu

I’m not sure if I would ever be able to step inside a luxurious hotel/resort or not but if there’s gonna be some world-wide contest in which participants can win a free stay for one weekend in their choice of resort, and if somehow I win that contest, then the one destination I will pick would be none other than COMO Point Yamu in Phuket, Thailand.

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A Trip To Arctic

We all love to step into exotic lands to feast our inner adventurer. Many take an extra step by venturing into the furthest parts of our planet, where it’s nature’s true colors are very much visible in their entire context.

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Post I Like: The Funeral Rituals of Tana Toraja

The world we live in is very strange. I may seem strange to you, if we ever meet in person, and you may think the same about me. But it’s not just about 2 person. In many parts of the world, the local customs of entire towns or cities will drop your jaw on the floor.

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Top 10 Pictures From Pakistan For Wiki Loves Monuments

For 2016’s Wiki Loves Monuments photographic competition, more than 370 contestants from all corners of Pakistan submitted over 11,000 photographs. This is a huge number!

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