Whatsoever Is Lovely – A Bride’s Table

It was for her only, on her special day!

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Cellpic Sunday – Ready For Iftar

Bon appetite!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Let The Beads Shine

Though tiny but shining away just perfectly!

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Post I Like: A Female Foreigners Guide To Dressing In Iran

As I read out Ellen Burne‘s latest post, which is a dress code guide for those female foreigners especially who are planning to make a trip to Iran, I started to realized that this guide can be used up a reference for not only Iran, but for other Islamic countries as well.

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From One To The Next

From one generation to other
Many set of things are transfered

Traditions, values, rules
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A Barbecue Hat-trick

This year, record has been broken by my family. At this point, let me clarify that none of your own personal record (or records, if you have any) have been kicked out from the #1 spot. If you own any records, then I hope they are still intact. Continue reading