In A Test Room – A Translation

I read this today and loved it!

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The Betrayal

Those who ruined me

Weren’t so unknown

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Never Betray

Following is the English translation of an excerpt from one of Ashfaq Ahmed’s book:

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Human Mistake

English translation of an excerpt from Ashfaq Ahmed‘s book, Baba Sahibaan, about human mistakes:

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How You Look At This World?

The following is the English translation of an excerpt from Ashfaq Ahmed’s book Zaviya (The Dimension):

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Few More Black Quotes

Here some more black quotes of Hassan Nisar, a Pakistani columnist. I have translated them in English from Urdu to share it with you. Click here to check the first part I published few days ago.


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Few Black Quotes

Yes, black quotes! Everyday, all of us read inspirational and motivational quotes that lifts up our spirit and gives us a purpose to bring joy, laughter, hope, excitement, dream and so much more in our lives. I do like such quotes too and try to make them part of my life.

But then there are black quotes, which can be termed as opposite of all those inspirational/motivational quotes. These black quotes gives us a glimpse of what is actually happening in the very world we are living but might not be seeing.

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