Silent Sunday – A Road Down Below

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CFFC Saturday – A Morning’s Shine

Catch all you can!

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Windows To The Unknown

An opening to worlds,
Unknown and unseen,
Is furnished by windows!

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Waiting For The Future

All of us travel everyday. From one point to another, either on land, air or water. There are infinite reasons behind our traveling but one thing is certain: Our travels take us closer to the future.

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Short Haul Winter Sun for Brits in April

A superb list of which countries to visit this summer by Cuddle Your Globe

Where is hot in April?  This is a question I asked myself whilst looking for a hot break somewhere next month. April is right on the cusp of winter and summer for many destinations in Europe s…

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Mix Plate #12

Back after a week with another round!

I thought about doing this earlier than today but got very stuck in other work, so this went down the line. But not anymore!

mix plate

It’s Friday and we are entering another weekend. So enjoy today’s specials before you shout out “Ya, The Weekend!”

How to pack for a long trip
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The Sapphire Of Pakistan

Neelum (also written as Neelam) is the Urdu word for Sapphire, one of the most precious and valuable blue gemstone on Earth. The color, durability, hardness and luster, all makes Sapphire a desirable.

In Pakistan, there is another kind of sapphire. Neelam Valley, in the Azad Kashmir region, is a 144 km long, thick forested area full of jaw-dropping wonders of nature. The name Neelum truly matches its namesake, sapphire.

At the banks of the Neelum River in Keran. —Marvi Soomro
image courtesy of DAWN

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Day Of The Dark Bridges

Few days ago, when I was on my way to office, I noticed sky was a bit more blue than normal. So I took out my phone and started to take pictures.

Since I was in a car, traveling at about 60-70 mph (this is the average speed in Karachi because of heavy traffic load), I just used the Burst Mode and took about 100+ pictures in less than 40 seconds I suppose. Later when I checked those photos, I saw something strange in every single one of them.


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I’m Still With Murree

Yup, we are still in Murree, thanks to my friend Zia, as this hill station is full of eye soothing wonders of nature.

Zia's Trip (24)

Like I mentioned in my last post about Murree (click here to read it), the area is covered with pine and oak filled mountains. There are many springs and rivulets also which adds up more beauty. You can even view snowy peaks of Kashmir and sometimes, viewing the crest of Nanga Parbat is also possible.

You can reach Murree from either Islamabad or Rawalpindi via rental cars which are easily available. Most of the hotels are located in Mall Road area where accommodation is available on reasonable rates during off-seasons. But during summer and winter, empty rooms are hard to find and hotels will charge you more if they have one. Continue reading

Guest Post: An Interview With A Global Cyclist

Earlier today, I posted about how Uzair started cycling himself this past weekend. Few minutes ago, I read this amazing interview of Patrick Martin Schroeder, who is paddling his way across the globe, on
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