Guest Post: The Icelandic South Coast


Iceland is one of the most physically flawless places you will ever visit. Around every corner is another waterfall, geothermal phenomenon, lava field, volcano and geological marvel just waiting to be explored.

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Tweeting Pakistan

Last night before I hit the bed, I decided to check latest trends on Twitter as per my location, which is set to Karachi.

Many trending topics appeared in search result. Ranging from politics to TV dramas, from social issues to sports and what not, it seemed to me nothing was interesting as per my standard.

image courtesy of

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Guest Post: A Trip To Oqaatsut

Pronounced as Oh-khut-soot, this little town in western Greenland is captured in such a great detail by Ellen of WWELLEND.

Here are just 2 pictures from her trip:

Photo courtesy of Shachaf Gidron 

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