FSCW #9 – March 6th

I just found out about a new challenge from Fandango, which is about spam comments we received on our blogs.

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CFFC Thursday – Once Upon A Caramel

I was surprise by 2!

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A Sunny Moment On A Hill

Just blissful!

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FOTD Thursday – Feb 4th

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Squaring Up The Burgers

Homemade that is!

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Post I Like: 10 Simple Ways To Reward Your Staff

image courtesy of Middleme.net

The simplest ways to reward your team. Easy on your pocket and effective.
But if you are a part of the team, then you better present this list in your next meeting. ASAP!!

Thanks to Kally for such a great post !!


If you are a manager, have you asked yourself this question, how do you reward your team?

If you are not leading a team, ask yourself too, how do you wish to be rewarded?

Many people associate rewards for good work with promotion and pay raise. What if the company just unable to pay more? Well, here are 10 simple ways that I used to reward my staff without breaking my own bank and the amount is small enough that I don’t need to claim from my company.


  1. Sugar High
    I love to buy little treat like Halloween candies on sale that comes in bite sizes Snickers or Mars bars. I would buy them and reward my staff with these little treats. No doubt they are not your 3-year-old kid but who doesn’t like a bite-sized midday snack to perk up the rest of the day? There must be a reason…

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