Lines O’ Lines


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Wordless Wednesday – A Corner’s Twist

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CFFC Thursday – A New Twist In Old Circles And Curves

These are little tweaked!

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Long Gone Wonders

I have thrown away

So many bottles

Into the sea of life

Filled with memories

Of varied kind

I know they are long gone

And will never return

Back to me

But a faint hope of twist

Flickers deep in the heart

Making me wonder

About what if……


B&W Photo Challenge – Of Angles And Lines

They dominate our lives!

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B&W Photo Challenge – A Little Twist

Sometimes, a little off-the-track is needed!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Twist

A single, thin thread is weak.

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As Straight As It Can Be

Like a simple line, who wouldn’t want their life to be like a one.

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Prisma Tuesday – Dec 27th

My life is a straight line, starting from a point and ending at one. Continue reading

Prisma Tuesday – Dec 20th


Always so linear. No twist, no turns, no tangling. Continue reading