A Rainy Monday

Showers finally!

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A Look At Interior Sindh, From Guddu’s Lens

I met Guddu on Twitter few days ago.

image courtesy of Emmanuel Guddu

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A German Becoming A Pakistani

Few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a foreigner would dare to even step inside Pakistan, all because of violence and terrorism in the my beloved country. That era was definitely a dark one in our history and wiping it off wasn’t so easy.

image courtesy of @KoblerinPAK

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A Winter Treat From Pakistan

A little treat from the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

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Post I Like: The Photos of the YEAR! 2015 Edition

What should I say about Jesse Martineau?

I do want to but then I see his work and cover up my mouth as those words which I collected few seconds ago, vanishes into thin air.

photos of the year
image courtesy of Jesse Martineau

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Tweeting Pakistan

Last night before I hit the bed, I decided to check latest trends on Twitter as per my location, which is set to Karachi.

Many trending topics appeared in search result. Ranging from politics to TV dramas, from social issues to sports and what not, it seemed to me nothing was interesting as per my standard.

image courtesy of Tribune.com.pk

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When Local Becomes Global

As you may have heard or read, Joss Whedon, director of Avengers: Age of Ultron, has deactivated his Twitter account after receiving harsh criticism about the film.Joss Whedon Ban

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