Re-Posting – Feels Like A Dream

Clouds have covered the entire sky
I have forgotten my home

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Understand Me A Little

I give my best

To get what I need

Surely it is

More than enough

But for many

It remains a least

Will they ever

Understand me truly

Despite being

As brilliant as

They may seem to be

For Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challenge #800

Another Round Towards To

To feel….

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Leaving My Mark

I’m making my mark

In this world somehow

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Let Me Understand

Let me understand
Why it just happened
Why did I become a stranger

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Floral Friday – Nov 2nd

Inner blindness is very bad!

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Floral Friday – Sep 1st

If one is not enough, then look again!

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Today’s Kind Quote

What lies beneath is always important!

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