CFFC Thursday – Once Upon A Caramel

I was surprise by 2!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Moment In Gold

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Uzair And The Stairs

A look back in time!

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Life’s New Chapter For My Son

A new beginning for my precious son!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Old Car, Vertical Bike

The joy of a road trip is something unique.

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A Fish, A Penguin And An Apple

Can we draw a relationship between a fish, a penguin and an apple?

I think we can!
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My Tears On His Shirt

He was acting crazy since morning. I ignored all his stubbornness and kept myself calm. I remained gentle towards all the tantrums of his.

NWP_151214_0015 (1) (1)

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Uzair And His Nana


Scene 1:

(this happened countless times)

Jia talking to her mother and complaining about Uzair’s growing naughtiness.

Jia: Mom, he don’t listen to me most of the times which is really annoying. Sometimes I wish to punish him up a little for making havoc in the house.
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Early Sunday Play

Instead of waking up after 8:30 AM, like everyday, Uzair woke up today 45 minutes earlier.

So what to do? Play of course!!

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Baba, I Can’t Do It!

In about 2 months time, Uzair will start the biggest journey of his life. Though for sometime, it will be just fun and play but when time comes, he will truly harness that device in his hands which is mightier than a sword.


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