Sunday Stills – Some More Red

Another attempt from my side!

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Love Is Not In The Air

With bit of a luck

I may find a hug

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Weekend Sky #04 – Oct 31st

And it’s a wrap!

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Floral Friday – Feb 14th

One single day

Out of entire year

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To Say That

In those moments

When heart is

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How Much You Can Show Off?

I know, I know!

World of today can’t live without depending on smart gadgets. They have changed not only our lives but our way of thinking and making judgement about what is right or wrong. Global tech giants invest billions each year to place their latest innovative products in our hands, promising brighter future for us in ways we can’t imagine ourselves, which may sound “so unbelievably amazing” to many, I sometime feels the other way.

image courtesy of Apple

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Post I Like: With Love From Me to You

Today is the day when you express your true feelings to the one you love. And there is no harm in doing so, right?

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Lonesome Sunset

Yeah, yeah! I know, it’s Valentine’s day and no wants to be alone. But some are not as lucky as the rest.

This is for them:


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Valentine’s Day Meet and Greet

Janice of is holding a meet and greet this Valentine’s day.

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