The Maze In My Way

Clearing the obstacles

With as much care as I can

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Floral Friday – Jan 22nd

A messed up day!

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A Door Opened

All those stories

Varied so differently

But they all had

A similar ending

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Two Roads

Smooth vs rough

Easy vs hard

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Orange Of Plastic

Plastic is weird!

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3 Days To Quote – Day 3

A big thanks to Mark for nominating me up for Three Day Quote Challenge.

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Think Of Light

Oh, look! There is some light. We can borrow it from there.

Yes, this is plenty for us. Isn’t it?

Hold on there lads! We can’t take it.


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A Fridge Note

The fridge in my office canteen malfunctioned few days ago. A note was placed on its door:

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