Saturday Panorama – Aug 22nd

This monsoon season is epic!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Wet All The Way

These days, I just want to stay in water!

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One Word Sunday – Reign Of Rain

Heat is going on now!

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Puzzling Floral

Sometimes, beauty can puzzle us!

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One Second Lightning


It finally happened!

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Saturday Flower – 6th Oct

It tickles in an amazing way.

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A Runny Day



A sudden change in weather

Unleashes a big surprise

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Short But Refreshing

Finally, a short but very much needed light showers finally fall down from the sky few hours ago today.

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A Very Different Summer

Sun is furious here. Very, very furious.

Summer breeze isn’t around anymore.

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Mix Plate #13

Okay, now it’s been a hat-trick here once again. I was thinking about doing this post earlier this week but because of so much “other” work, I was unable to.

But that didn’t put me away in doing what I love to do. Serving specials to my dear friends!

Without further ado, enjoy today’s favorites along with your weekend!

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