Cellpic Sunday – Bricks By Bricks

Laying on top of each other

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WDYS #171 – Moving Along

Hard to recall

When the journey started

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My Burden

The weight of my actions

Is constantly on my back

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FOTD Monday – Feb 7th

Back in those days

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Post I Like – How To Let Go?

How much we can carry onto ourselves?

Not just the physical load but also the weight we add over on our mind, heart and soul. Some of that may be useful for us but most of it is nothing but garbage.

Which is certainly not what we should drag along on the path of life.

Erika Kind is talking about How To Let Go of the things that hurdles into our path.

Read it out!


Calculate Ahead

The second step

Is the result of first

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Lens Artist Challenge – When Less Is More

Quantity may holds the weight

But lies within should be

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Floral Friday – Dec 21st

Carry what you can bear!

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