Black & White Photo Challenge – Wheels

Wheels, undoubtedly the most important innovation by the hands of human.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters W Or X

Cee Neuner’s black and white alphabetical photo challenge series is approaching finish line and here are my entries for this week’s letters W or X.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Black & White

The world was shown in black and white mostly before the mid 20th century. Newspapers, magazines, films and pictures were all captured in black and white mostly.

But the popularity of color didn’t diminished this medium at all. Ask any photographer or filmmaker about black & white and they will praise its significance over color version in many ways.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Wheels

Here are my entries for CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: WHEELS. This challenge was really fun and I enjoyed capturing all these pictures very much. I hope you will too!


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