Post I Like – I Paint Her

The many shades of womanhood!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Choose Your Color

Can you pick The One?
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The Bhuttay Wali Of Seaview

Many times in our life, we do the unthinkable. Something we aren’t accustomed with but circumstances we found ourselves in, forces us take that step which we may not take during normal times.

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Post I Like: The Difference

Men from Mars and women from Venus live together on another planet, Earth. And so begins a story.

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Post I Like: A Female Foreigners Guide To Dressing In Iran

As I read out Ellen Burne‘s latest post, which is a dress code guide for those female foreigners especially who are planning to make a trip to Iran, I started to realized that this guide can be used up a reference for not only Iran, but for other Islamic countries as well.

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Mix Plate #26

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m sure you all having a great time today. Well, not just today actually but for the rest of your life 🙂

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Karachi Secret – Boxing Club For Women In Lyari

Life in Lyari area of Karachi is returning to normal now. For so many years, this part of the city, once famous across Pakistan for producing the finest soccer and boxing talents, was under the grips of local armed gangs, who battled out each other for the control of area.

But now, thanks to extensive efforts of local law enforcement agencies, Lyari is getting back up on its feet.

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Mix Plate #5

Phew!! So hard this is!

Every time I do this, my inner voice keeps telling me not to do it again.

mix plate

But I say to my inner voice: “I’m not doing this for myself. This is for the world.”

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