B&W Photo Challenge – First Far Ahead

So far away but yet so close!

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Splash Away

Just one splash to give our mind, heart and soul something we can’t explain properly!

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Photo For The Week 17 – Mountains To Climb

Nailed to this Earth are the rocky giants!

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Our Reset Button


Of all the mistakes we have made

And the pain endured by us

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This Journey Of Ours

asphalt blue sky clouds countryside
Photo by Ghost Presenter on Pexels.com

What has been gained

Since the journey began

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Poor Boy’s Dream

spinning top

Real all so highly seem

But it may just not

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Structure in Nature

The course of nature’s artistry is mesmerizing.

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Sunny Peeks

A little from the left

And a little from the right

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Alley

Things standing tall today but those who built them up aren’t around.

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