A Cheerful Recipe

Tangled in the mess of

What we go through each day

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I’d Rather Be With Waves

One after another

I won’t mind at all

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For T’s And W’s Of Alk


To those who can

Talk “the talk”

And walk “the walk”

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Do You Want To Grow?

The true meaning of growth can only be explain by trees.

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Shine Away

Anyone can shine and so can you!

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Tuesday’s Odd Ball – Lonely Rose

A lonely red rose, lying on the floor.

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A Star’s Story

Few stars twinkle at night
So distant they are from me

A tiny portion I see of them
But such big buffs they are

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Out Of The Blue

For me, yesterday was a hectic day and today was mere inches away from being a disastrous one!

image courtesy of wikimedia.org

Okay, let me explain. Today, 2 senior most officials from my company’s global HQ in Germany landed in Karachi to meet us and get an in-depth insight about our working. Since my company is a small but vital part of their giant organization, this visit was termed as the most important event of the year by our local management. Continue reading

A Monster Within

He stays calm mostly

And keep himself cool

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Many Times, They


…. are full of mysteries, with never ending questions and wonders.

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