Sunday Poser #120 – Me, Myself & Google

My answer: So much more than just a lot!

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Wordless Wednesday – Off To Work

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CBWC Friday – March 18th

Starting up with today’s!

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Reposting – When You Said!

You can’t come tonight
As you are stuck at work

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Mid-week Monochrome – An Inclination To Begin With

Yup, starting a new week like walking over this!

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After The Lines Have Been Drawn

Everyone needs a break!

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One Word Sunday – Old Doing New

Certainly everyday

Our pair of old hands

Do so much new for us

But once the job is done

That same entirely new

Morphs into an old

And so, our hands

Takes another step

To be more old

For Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday – Old

The Absence

Yup, I’m missing out a lot!

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Weekday Sky – July 22nd

Tempo broke up a little!

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CBWC FOTD Tuesday – June 29th

Missed a day!

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