Post I Like – Other Side Of The World (revised)

A lovely and close to the heart set of thoughts from Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris!

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Post I Like – Underwater Images From Bequia

There are worlds within our world!

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Post I Like – In the News … Artificial Intelligence

You must’ve heard about it.

You must’ve read about it as well.

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FOTD Monday – Feb 13th

Let the world know!

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FOTD Wednesday – Dec 21st

Off all the colors

You can pick and hold

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Re-posting – A World Of Shadow

I wonder what shadows feel like
They are black, as we all know

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Re-posting – A Burning Star


Behind all these moments
There is one such
That seems close, yet so far

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Re-posting – How Long To Wait

For how long

One should wait?

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My Olds In World’s New


The state of my mind

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In An Ant’s Way

Pick an ant!

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