Contact Me

Beside this blog, you can also find me at:

  • Flickr (All of my photos are stored in my Flickr account, so head over there to see them all)
  • VI:IV Films (I’ve started to create short films and sharing them up on YouTube, though my pace of making new videos like rest of the YouTubers can be compared with a snail in a garden watching a space rocket going towards the far edges of the sky)

And I was also heavily active on other social media platform before the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off.

As I shifted to the Work From Home scene and started to spend round the clock time with my family, I realized that social media distancing is equally as healthy for my mind and soul as social distancing is for my body. 🙂

So now, I’m not active on these platforms but if you would like to check them out anyway then click on the links below:

Feel free to provide comments/suggestions/queries/criticism about your stay on my blog in the form below.

I wish you a happy day 🙂


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